Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The City has now installed new interpretive signage in the park.  Thanks go out to Janette Harvey for making this happen.  Janette is a Natural Environment Specialist with the City of Toronto - Parks, Recreation and Forestry.  To come up with the signs' content, she consulted with an energetic group of students from Sir Sandford Fleming College, members of Friends of Sam Smith Park and CCFEW.
Anything that draws visitors' attention to wildlife and habitat in the park helps to cement in peoples' minds the fact that Sam Smith is a nature park and awakens a strong interest in preserving it as such.  There was a guy in the park this morning who bragged about going home to his wife and impressing her with the actual names of birds he had seen and throwing out a few facts!
Come and check them all out.

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Anonymous said...

Signage is great to ID wildlife.

But surely there should also be some signs that emphasize the importance of this nature park. Some to this effect: Please do not pick the wildflowers -- Please do not litter; use the bins provided. It's a shame we still have to tell people this.