Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of the areas in the park that has become over time a magnet for migrating songbirds is the dogwood thicket located east of the oval.  The Toronto Ornithological Society, after a recent visit to the park in order to make recommendations for improving bird habitat, suggested that it would be a good idea to expand this area by planting further to the east.  (Other recommendations include replacing ground cover and shrubs in the tree plantation north of the Power House and around the “bowl”).  FOSS has long been an advocate for these types of habitat enhancement. 
Natural environment specialists at City Parks have been able to secure funding for a volunteer planting event in this area. 
The G20 organizing committee is donating money to the City of Toronto for tree planting, and they requested a site for a community planting event.  One of the sites proposed to them was Sam Smith Park and our park has been selected. 
The planting will take place on Friday, May 28th from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and about 40 volunteers are neededVolunteers must wear close-toed shoes.
Please make an effort to support this. The press will be there and it, along with the Spring Bird Festival the next day, will offer a great opportunity to promote Sam Smith as the nature park that it truly is.
Please e-mail FOSS if you are able to come.


Linnea Westerlind said...

This is a great park! I just wrote about it on my blog about Seattle Parks...


Walt said...

Hi Linnea!

You are writing about a park of the same name in Seattle, our park in is Toronto, Canada.

Both towns are lucky to have great parks and concerned people to watch out for them! :)

ravynne40 said...

This was an awesome event, everyone was amazing for an amazing park. This was my first tree planting and hopefully not my last!