Monday, April 12, 2010


Over the weekend, FOSS members cleaned out, repaired and re-installed tree swallow nesting boxes while early arrivals swooped overhead ready to claim their new homes.  Many have been destroyed by vandals and need to be completely replaced.  This is currently in progress.  Some new boxes made by FOSS members, based on a plan previously posted on this blog, have already been wired to some posts.
Everyone is invited to take on the construction of a box as a family project.  They need to be installed correctly - contact Terry Smith for help with that.
The Toronto Region Conservation Authority will provide some nest box kits for the upcoming Clean-up day (April 25th) and the Bird Festival (May 29th).  If you and your family want to assemble and install a box at one of those events, look for the FOSS table.

Did you know that four species of swallow breed in or around the park?  Aside from the cavity-nesting tree swallows, barn swallows nest under the observation deck over the pond, rough-winged swallows nest in small outlet pipes along the sea wall along the south side of the marina and cliff swallows build mud nests under the overhang of the Filtration Plant's southernmost building.

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Great work.