Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We've been hearing recent reports of quite a few people breaking off and removing large quantities of pussywillow branches in Sam Smith.  This is against city bylaws (Toronto Municipal Code - Parks 608 - 7 B .." no person shall in a park break, injure, deface, destroy, move or remove the whole or any part of a flower, plant material, fungus, tree or other vegetation ...").

This is currently being investigated by the City.
The odd branch taken by a family may be probably no big deal, but these folks, we understand, are taking them to sell.  On the Lakeshore they sell for about $7 for three or so branches, so it's a lucrative activity.  Besides, the broken shrubs are upsetting for people to see and they should stay for all to enjoy.
If you witness and wish to report such activity, call Jorge Ture, Sam Smith Park Manager, at 416 394 8559 or e-mail him.

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