Monday, January 18, 2010


Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) is looking for committed individuals to become new members for the Etobicoke-Mimico Watershed Coalition.

This action-oriented committee will consist of a diverse group of individuals of all ages and backgrounds who come together with the common purpose to protect, regenerate and celebrate their watershed. The committee will have representation from the following groups within the Etobicoke and Mimico Creeks Watersheds:
Community groups;
Other public agencies;
City of Toronto Community Councils;
All levels of government; and

As a member, you will:
Assist with the implementation of the Watershed Plans for the watersheds;
Work with communities to deliver watershed management programs;
Help build capacity for watershed management and sustainable communities;
Share your knowledge, experience and skills; and
Attend educational sessions.

For details and to download an application form, please visit:

Please note that to become a member of the Coalition you should have geographical representation within the Etobicoke and Mimico Creeks watersheds and or Lake Ontario drainage area.
Not sure if you qualify? The above link provides a map where you can zoom in to your resident/work area and see the exact watershed you are located in within the TRCA region.  

We encourage you to consider applying to Etobicoke-Mimico Watershed Coalition and/or forward this message to others who may be interested. Please note that applications are being accepted until Monday, January 25th.  

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me with the information provided below.
Alexandra Papaiconomou | Administrative Assistant, Etobicoke-Mimico
Toronto and Region Conservation
70 Canuck Avenue, Toronto ON M3K 2C5
Phone: 416-661-6600 x 5569
Fax: 416-667-6278

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