Monday, December 21, 2009


Michael Harrison, former President of Citizens Concerned for the Future of the Etobicoke Waterfront, hosts a blog called The Lost Creeks of South Etobicoke.  He posts fascinating information with old maps and photographs of the two creeks, Jackson and North, that are referenced in the previous post.  Remnants of these two creeks flow through the Lakeshore Grounds.  There is great interest in the restoration of these two creeks by adding more water flow as part of the stormwater management initiative.  Check out his blog where you can see a photograph of the ornate stone bridge that used to cross Jackson Creek between the large and smaller swales as well as information on other lost creeks in our area. (The bridge is actually still there, buried and minus balustrades - look closely).  Double click on the 1936 map of the Ontario Mimico Hospital to see the path of these two creeks (map courtesy of Michael Harrison)

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