Thursday, August 13, 2009


Recently, one of our Sam Smith "on the spot" photographers forwarded a number of picks of our "mystery mammal" catching a fish.

Here are a few of the pictures for you to enjoy.

The hunt! The catch! The reward!!


native plant girl said...

well, would'ya look at that cutie making an honest living :) Who can I credit these excellent photos to?

Terry Smith said...

I believe that George Raikou took these photographs. He is responsible for many of the photos on this blog.

native plant girl said...

Hi Terry, thank you for this quick and up-with-the-birds response :) This morning I've used his pic to promote one of your upcoming events over at
pls let me know if that's not ok?
thank you again :)

Blue Chair Blog said...

No it was not George. It was a man named Carl, a.k.a. "Snapnclk", a photographer in the park.

I originally had his name listed, but it seems to have disappeared?

Using his photo is fine.


native plant girl said...

Just updated the photo credit. so happy to be able to share it, it's a beautiful photo :) thank you!

native plant girl said...

btw - oh, sorry not to state the obvious: i like your blog! :) just finding it now. I can see a few people really love / steward the place. :)