Sunday, July 19, 2009


There has been much concern over the last few years regarding the drop off in the frog population in Sam Smith park.

Last week, George Raikou was able to photograph some frogs in the pond near the observation deck.

Hopefully this is an indigenous species and not a pet that has been released into the wild.

Any confirmation on this from the photograph here, is welcomed.

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Angelicque James said...

The frog in the photograph is either a male green frog, or a male bullfrog (i can not tell the size based on the photograph, bullfrogs are much bigger then green frogs - and you can tell their sex based on the ear drum next to their eyes, males ear drums are twice the size of the eyeball) and both are indigenous species of Ontario.

these frogs can take a few years to reach adulthood, which could explain their noticeable absence over the last few years, it may have taken them this long to reach adulthood! i am currently a part of Ontario's Frog Watch run by the Toronto Zoo, as soon as all of this rain ends, i will go out and have a look :)