Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is the latest concept design recently forwarded from Councillor Grimes' office for the skating trail projected to be built by December 2009. (Double-click on image for larger view). Note that parking spaces have been removed to accommodate this south-west design option. There is some intrusion into the meadow. The woodlot north of the Power House is not part of the design. We are told that funds have been set aside for plantings in the meadow and for the restoration of the understorey in the woodlot next year.
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yourneighbour said...

This is always where it should have gone. Finally a comprimise for the community that serves all the community.

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! Our family can't wait to skate on it this winter!!!

Nature Girl said...

I'm disappointed, I don't think Sam Smith is the right place for the skating path. It should be left as a nature park.

Anonymous said...

Early every morning I either jog/walk or cycle through Sam Smith Park and I love it! One thing that is disturbing me is all the graffiti on the new city bins and broken beer bottles on the trail. I would like to see a little more people traffic in the park to discourage this nonsense! I think the skating trail creates a nice balance of people and nature! It encourages families to use the park and not hoodlams to take over the park as their own!

Jeff said...

This is a terrible idea.

We need a public meeting with councillor Grimes and the city planners who dreamed up this fiasco.

They are planning to increase traffic to the park, while eliminating part of the parking spaces? Smooth move.

This is one of the last natural areas left on the Etobicoke waterfront. It's exactly the wrong kind of place to put a skateboard park.

Jeff said...

... or a "skating trail".