Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last Tuesday, Allen Valk and two other members of the FOSS executive were invited to attend a meeting at The Assembly Hall organized by Sheila Paxton, our Councillor's Executive Assistant. Irene Jones, former Councillor, and Brian Bailey from CCFEW were also present as well as City staff and skating trail consultants. The latest drawings were shown to us. They show the trail running through the woodlot north of the Power House and further east (closer to North Creek) than was indicated in the concept design we were shown last year. Trail level would be maintained by building retaining walls and by excavation to a height and depth of approximately one metre. Trees would be removed and additional trees and understory would be planted. It was made very clear to us that the City is determined to begin construction very soon and intend to have it up and ready for next Winter, in spite of significant community opposition.
FOSS members went over our concerns and explained the compromise solution we had previously sent to the Councillor. They can be seen in the previous post http://friendsofsamsmithpark.blogspot.com/2009/04/open-letter-from-foss-to-councillor.html
Sheila Paxton told us that she would take our views to the Councillor and City staff and get back to us, but indicated that changing existing parking agreements would probably be "impossible" and that it was very late at this point to make changes to the design. Oh for that Citizens' Management/Advisory Board!!!

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It's never too late. The cement has not been poured yet Terry!

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