Thursday, March 5, 2009


At Tuesday's meeting this week, the Community Working Group presented to residents their consensus choice for a location in Ward 6 for the skateboard facility. This is the same project proposed without adequate community consultation three years ago for the wetland/meadow area south of the Power House in Sam Smith Park . It is interesting to note that the site evaluation criteria for this current location search include "impact on the environment, safety, accessibility, proximity to services, compatibility with neighbouring uses", the very same issues raised by the community in the fight to stop it being built in the park!
The preferred site is the parquette on Eighth Street, north of the Lakeshore. The 10,000 square feet facility would require 41 % of the site's footprint. (Amos Waites' was the second site on the workgroup's list). Before technical assessment of the site is conducted, adjacent residents will be consulted. Skateboarders and others in the audience and on the workgroup appeared to be, for the most part, happy with the choice.
The fight against the skatepark in Sam Smith was always about common sense and proper process. It is refreshing to see these important elements applied this time.


Anonymous said...

I am sure FOSS is also happy with the choice!

The fight about the skatepark in Sam Smith was always about common sense and proper process?

Please, the fight was always about keeping it out of YOUR park.

Whether FOSS likes it or not, skateboarders are in SS park and will continue to be, whether there is a skatepark elsewhere or not.

Tim Hough said...

I am NOT happy about the new location as I live in the Artists Co op across the street from the park. The park in question is 50 feet from my building and the shared studio space where artists work. Nowhere in this city is a skateboard park that close to where people live. Stan Wadlow park has a skateboard park 185 feet from homes and they are constantly complaining about the noise and filing police reports. We are opposed to this location not because we are against skateboarders or a skatepark but because the noise and congestion will be disruptive. We were never consulted about this and only learned of the chosen site this past winter. The Legion on 8th street is a mere 5 feet from the park and they are also opposed to it. The meeting at the legion on March 30 was a mere public relations stunt on the part of Mark Grimes and the designers. Skateboard enthusiasts from outside the neighborhood were bussed in to drown out the complaints from the people who will be most affected; us.