Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Councillor Grimes is asking for individuals from local community groups to sit on the long-awaited Skate Park Committee to find a location for a skateboarding facility in Ward 6. We assume that this will be a location other than the original that was proposed in the meadow south of the Power House and which was fought against hard by the community.
Following Councillor De Baeremaeker's report rejecting that location, Councillor Grime's letter to the public endorsing De Baermaeker's position and Steven O'Bright's assurances at the June Skating Trail meeting that the report's findings would be upheld, it would appear that other locations would be the only ones looked at
It is important the we support our local skateboarders with this new thrust. Remember, they supported us. Please consider contacting Councillor Grimes and signing up for this committee.
416 397 9273,

Lakeshore Village News

Our community, in South Etobicoke, has many sports and recreational ac­tivities to offer Torontonians. With beautiful parks and great facilities we have a lot to enjoy. People come here to walk, cycle, sail, swim, skate, skateboard and more.

Over the last few years there has been much discussion regarding the need for a Skate Park in South Etobicoke. This sport is one of the fast-growing sports in North America, and appeals to a large segment of youth who are not otherwise drawn to more traditional team sports. Once again I have asked Toronto Parks and Recreation to work together with the com­munity to address the need for this facility. This will represent a $500,000 investment in our community.

Skateboard parks are a far safer venue for kids, and adults to skate on than local streets, parking lots and sidewalks. A park designed for skateboards and roller blades will allow kids to develop and master the skills of the sport while socializing in a constructive, welcoming environment. Such is the scene when you visit skate parks in other parts of our city. They are filled with really talented young people who are having a great time practising their sport with their friends, while spectators sit watching, cheering them on. Events at the skate park contribute to the overall economic and social health of the community by bringing visitors and new business opportunities.

In our community we would like to have a park that is built to meet the identified needs of cur­rent skaters, people new to the sport and other stakeholders, in a location that is both acces­sible and agreeable to the community.

I am seeking individuals that represent a cross section of the community and skate sports enthusiasts, to work on a committee to look at the criteria for the proposed park. This will also include local business representatives, residents, and community groups. The committee will also provide input into the location, design and use of the facility, and work with the commu­nity and city staff on this issue.

If you are interested in working with me and City of Toronto staff to see the Skate Park come to fruition, please contact my office at 416 397 9272 or by email

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