Thursday, October 2, 2008


One piece of information that was missing from LURA Consulting's report on the June 5th public meeting about the skating trail was the exact numbers for the annual operating costs. Kevin Bowser, Manager of Parks for the Etobicoke York District, has just released them. The total, including the leased Zamboni, looks to be about $120 000 a year or $30 000 a month for each of the four months of the year it would probably operate. This is not an insignificant amount to find in a cash-strapped City for a project rejected by half of the community!

"Parks has projected $45,162 for seasonal wages plus benefits, in addition it will require $20K for contracted services and approximately $25K for utilities. An additional $30K may be required to lease an ice resurfacing machine, ice edger, etc. for the operation. Without including the fleet equipment, the cost for operation will be approximately $85K-$90K per year."

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