Saturday, October 25, 2008


A working group of FOSS members called the “Power House/Nature Center Committee” has come up with a proposal that the boards investigate using Sam Smith Park and the Power House as a nature-interpretive center. The committee is now in the process of contacting by letter representatives from the two local school boards (TDSB and TDSCB), the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and the appropriate provincial politicians. The park is an excellent showplace for the process of habitat construction and ecosystem development and could provide very successful learning opportunities for school groups focused on environmental science. The renovated Power House has classroom space, display areas, washrooms and a food prep corner. The park is easily accessible by public transit. This proposal is very timely and advantageous for cash-strapped boards of education during a restraint period when outdoor education facilities are being shut down due to funding difficulties.

Our local MPP, Laurel Broten has already responded positively to the idea and suggested we contact the school boards.

Stay tuned for further details about this exciting possibility. If you have any comments or suggestions or could lend a hand to this endeavour, please add them to this post and/or send them to the FOSS e-mail address.


Anonymous said...

You complain about lack of recreation space now you want to turn over rec space to education?? why not lobby for more rec and sport funds for family recreation in this building and use empty education buildings for education.

Anonymous said...

You completely miss the point of locating a nature centre in the power house, and that is, that this location is ideal for teaching children about the importance of the natural environment because of its close proximity to a naturalized park and wetland setting--a rarity in this city.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is the perfect setting and that is why I feel that it should remain recreational. My son took the canoe camp and it was incredible!! He would never have gone to enjoy the park without the camp.
Recreation draws a more diverse group to the space so everyone can enjoy the surroundings in a fun and enjoyable way.