Wednesday, October 1, 2008


There have been reports this summer of an otter being seen in the park. Otters can be found in and around Lake Ontario. So can mink. View this fascinating video clip posted by George Raikou and judge for yourself. The location of the scene in the clip is the rocks east of the large pond, bordering the first bay as you go in from the Lakeshore Drive and Thirteenth Street entrance.


Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

Could that be a fisher? I've never seen one but from what I've read (mink-like but larger, aggressive hunters) it seems like a distinct possibility.

Any idea when he filmed that?

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Blue Chair Blog said...

I thought it was a weasel. Walter (who lives at the end of 4th street) and I saw it at the end of 4th heading across the rocks toward 1st St.

Very exciting to see this video...same animal we saw!

Thanks for all your effort on this blog!

Anonymous said...

We saw the same animal recently in the boat bay, from the bridge by the settling pond. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have otters at Sam Smith!