Saturday, August 23, 2008


LURA Consulting’s report on the Skating Trail public consultation held in June is now available.

You can click here to read the full report in pdf format (916KB, 66 pages).

The document is 66 pages long and includes a covering letter from the City, comments and questions that came from the floor along with city staff responses where offered, a summary of points from the comment sheets sent in (180 pro, 175 con), results from two petitions (53 pro, 26 con) and an Urban Forestry Review indicating tree conflicts.

The City's covering letter contains the following ....."Some residents expressed excitement and support for what will become a great family destination in your neighbourhood. Others raised concerns regarding the potential impact of a skating trail in this area. Be assured that City staff are committed to developing this project taking into account the importance of the sensitivities of the park and community, and without disturbing the existing Wetlands-Wildlife Restoration Trail.

In proceeding with the project, the City will be issuing a proposal call in September for qualified and experienced firms to initiate the design phase. It is anticipated that the project would be complete and operational for the 2009 skating season. I appreciate the time and effort you have taken to be engaged in this process and providing your opinions and input. LURA Consulting will continue to receive your comments as the project progresses so please forward any comments to"

It appears that the City intends to go ahead with this project in spite of massive opposition and a call from a large part of the community for precious resources to be spent on more urgent community needs. Once again, another so-called "public consultation" turns out to be nothing more than a public relations gesture. Logic and fair play would suggest that a near 50% opposition from intelligent, reasonable and committed community residents would halt a project so that a thorough, overall review could be done before the City barrels ahead. Go figure!

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