Tuesday, July 1, 2008


There is a new website for kids that details things that they can do this summer to burn off energy. It profiles city parks and lists activities that can be done in them. Below is a quote from the Colonel Samuel Smith Park page. Note the emphasis on passive, nature-focussed activities and the delight that kids experience when they're up close and personal with the natural world, a must for kids to develop the appropriate sensitivity and value base our planet so desperately needs now and in the future. This is what Friends of Sam Smith Park has been saying for a long time now - that those rare places in the city where this can happen need to be preserved, protected and enhanced, not encroached upon by interests that wish to pop into them activities and facilities, no matter how valuable and important to the community, that can be located elsewhere.
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"The kids will especially love stopping by one of the viewing decks, where you can often spot groups of baby ducks and swans, turtles sunning themselves on the rocks, beaver dams and even the beavers themselves, if you are lucky! Make sure to bring along a camera and binoculars as there are over a hundred bird species which can be spotted in the area, as well as their nests often hidden in the reeds."

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Sorry for inconvenience, but kidsenergyburner.com site has been reorganized a bit. Correct link is: http://kidsenergyburner.com/playgrounds/parks/colonel-samuel-smith-park-toronto-ontario

Thank you for spreading the word!