Sunday, June 8, 2008


If you were at the skating trail meeting on Thursday, you may not have been able to get a comment sheet because they had nowhere near enough for the more than 150 people who showed up. If you were able to pick one up, you may have already sent it in.
If not, we were told that e-mail submissions would be acceptable and their content would be included in the final report if received by the consultants and city staff by Thursday, June 12th.
Questions on the Comments Sheet are ...
1. Looking at the preliminary concept for the ice trail in Colonel Samuel Smith Park, what are the pros and benefits of the concept? What are the cons or challenges of the concept?
2. Looking at the preliminary concept for the ice trail, what changes would you recommend?
3. What opportunities do you see for the ice trail in Colonel Samuel Smith Park?
4. Would you be interested in participating in a working group for the ice trail?
5. Additional comments.
Bear in mind, they are asking for comments based on the notion that the trail is a done deal. Any comments you may wish to make are acceptable and do not need to follow the sheet's format.
This is not over yet and there is still room for the community to continue to voice its opinions. The comments we send in are very important. They need to know how we feel. We were told that all comments would be valued by city staff and used in the consultants' report.

When you send them in, please copy the people listed below.

Stephen O'Bright

Susan Hall, Lura Consulting

Shelley Carroll, Budget Chief

Joe Mihevc, Parks, Forestry and Recreation Committee

Mayor David Miller

Ann Marra, Director Capital Budget Projects for Parks and Rec

John Fulton

Brenda Librecz

Mark Grimes


Anonymous said...

Your comments are do not represent the entire community. They are always bias to your way of tinking. You can't keep this as "your park" forever. Your attitude is if you want to use it you have to do the things we like!!
There is enough room for everybody.

Anonymous said...

You are right. However there are a significant number of people in this community who do feel this way and have a right to be heard. Many feel that Sam Smith Park is a unique setting, valued for its quiet green space, habitat etc. etc. and, as such, should be exempted from active/recreational/entertainment projects, given there are many other locations in South Etobicoke where the fit is better.