Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Friends of Sam Smith Annual General Meeting – May 6, 2008

Assembly Hall

Present: Approximately 30 members

Connie Pinto TRCA Presentation:

Cormorants nest in trees until they kill the trees and then they nest on the ground

They like to nest at the forest edge close to the water

Cormorants crowd out black crowned night herons

Question: What is missing from natural eco-system to control cormorants?

Connie suggested contacting Ralph Toninger.

For information on Cormorant management:

or contact Ralph Toninger at 416-661-6600, ext. 5366,

Cooper’s Hawk there is one living in Sam Smith Park

Part of the Master Plan was to have the park as a wildlife habitat

It was asked if we can put up signs saying this is a Natural Habitat Area – it is supposed to be here. Barbara Keaveney said she would check the wording of the signs in Mississauga.

In Mimico Linear Park there will be a dune feature that will be a mirren grass and cotton wood restoration dune.

The paths in the parks that were wheelchair accessible are no longer due to erosion – Connie said the City is responsible to maintain those

People are concerned because they are not seeing as many frogs and toads.

Connie said Lionel Normand who runs the Amphibian Volunteer Network where amateurs monitor amphibian populations

Discussion about the skating trail and negative environmental impact on the park and wildlife. Set-up meeting for executive to review issue.

Question was raised – Can we ask for a full environmental assessment around the introduction of the skating trail.

Jem to:
Send an e-mail to Connie requesting presentation, and asking if we can get permission from Lou Wise to use the aerial photo showing Sam Smith Park from the north of the park looking toward the lake
Ask Connie to contact Toronto Water re cleaning and dredging the settling basin on a regularly scheduled basis
Connie Pinto contact info:
Connie Pinto
Project Manager, Waterfront Planning
416-661-6600 x 5387

Send e-mail to Larry Field asking the current status of the Arsenal Lands development – when is it scheduled to move ahead and have both Cities agreed to pay their share of the expenses in a reasonable time frame

People raised the issue of the underbrush being removed and destroying habitat

Connie Pinto said send her photos of areas in the Park that the underbrush has been removed and she will contact the City

If we photograph the rebar and send those photos to Connie she will send someone out to cut the rebar

Friends of Sam Smith passed a resolution stating:

“Friends of Sam Smith support maintaining the green spaces we have including the trees and oppose the artificial ice trail in Lakeshore Grounds/Sam Smith Park. We support the creation of a Sam Smith Citizen Advisory Board.”

If you have a photo or comment you want posted to the blog, please send it to

During the last two park clean-up days people noticed the park appeared cleaner than before


To accept Friends of Sam Smith Logo

Motion Carried.


Alan – President

Terry – Blog and member at large

Kathy – Treasurer

Liana – Secretary

Barbara – member at large

Jem – member at large

Meeting Adjourned

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