Thursday, April 17, 2008


Present, Paul C, Angela G., Don M., Nick, Joanne M., Kathy S., Ruth G. Terry S., Allan V. Liana F.

Clean Up Day April 27/08

The annual clean up of Col. Sam Smith Park will again be organized by Allan Roy. Both Foss and CCFEW will be assisting with the event.

  • Angela G. will co ordinate the event on behalf of FOSS with Allan
  • A table will be set up to promote FOSS and the Park Terry, Allan, Joanne, Kathy, Jem and Liana will attend an set up a table to promote FOSS and the Park
  • Joanne will let the media know of the event and email the membership

Ice Skating Trail

  • A public consultation meeting TBA By city Officials

LEAF (Local Enhancement Appreciation of Forests)

A tour of Sam Smith Park will be held on May 31/08 2pm-4pm Leaf will be identifying all the lovely trees we have in the park. The tour will begin at the Assembly Hall.

Powerhouse Committee

Kathy S. will submit a letter to the Education Minister supporting their recent position on environmental programs

FOSS General Meeting May 6.08

Agenda for meeting

Connie Pinto will speak at the beginning of our meeting, break, then the business portion will commence

Other Business

Col. Sam Smith Park will be made part of the Mimico Watershed Project

Police Week will be holding Special event day May 10/08 11-3pm at 22 division

Liana Franciosi (Secretary)

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